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09 July 2009 @ 03:22 pm
I saw this in mary_br and I think the idea awesome!

Pick a band starting with that letter then a song you like by them.

A. Arctic Monkeys - "When the Sun Goes Down"
B. Beirut - "Elephant Gun"
C. Coldplay - "Yellow"
D. David Bowie - "Space Oddity"
E. Elvis Costelo - "She"
F. Franz Ferdinand - "Van Tango"
G. Gabriela Cilme - "Sweet About me"
H. Hockey - "Too Fake"
I. Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
J. Jeff Buckley - "Hallelujah"
K. Killers, The - "Read my Mind"
L. Los Hermanos - "Sentimental"
M. Missy Higgins - "Where I Stood"
N. Norah Jones - "Thinking About You"
O. One Republic - "Say"
P. Peter Bjorn and John - "Young Folks"
Q. Queens of The Stone Age - "I Wanna Make It Wit Chu"
R. Radiohead - "Creep"
S. Snow Patrol - "You Could be Happy"
T. The Fiery Furnaces - "Here Comes the Summer"
U. Uh Huh Her - "Dreamer"
V. Van Morrison - "Crazy Love"
W. Weezer - "Island In the Sun"
X. - - - - - -
Y. - - - - - -
Z. - - - - - -
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06 July 2009 @ 04:20 pm
I´m in vacations, so I have more time to post here. I´ve noticed lately that this year I listening more good musics and I have liked more bands or singers, so I decided do a picspam with my favorites musics/bands of the month. Now, the month of June. Hope you enjoy!
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26 April 2009 @ 08:11 pm

Today is the 32º birthday of Tom Welling. And I wanted to make a mega picspam to him, but I didn´t have time. I wish for him all the best things in the world, that he continues this wonderful man that I love to love. Tommy, I wish that all the things that you want to be realized and that God protect you always. Happy Birthday my love ;)
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25 April 2009 @ 01:22 pm
A month ago, more or less, I re-discovered one band, Franz Ferdinand. I knew they existed, and knew a couple of songs, but I thought they were just one more band in the planet. Then, they launched the new album: Tonight, and my sister downloaded the songs. I listened and to me they are the best band in the moment. They have great songs, have a great style and great components. Alex Kapranos, Nick Mccarthy, Paul Thompson and Bob Hardy know how to fascinate me. I´m enchanted with them. For a long time ago I didn´t fell this in a band or a singer. Thanks Franz for making me happy with your music. please, come to brazil (recife). I need to see your concert live.


[37] icons - franz ferdinand  

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24 April 2009 @ 08:04 pm


post in portuguese (sorry. =/)

Hoje é aniversário do meu gênio preferido. :)
Pra quem não sabe, Mr. Kripke, ou para os mais intimos mestre Kripke, é o criador, produtor e autor da série Supernatural, que por sinal eu amo demais.
Tudo de bom e que Deus continue iluminando sua vida e que você continue nos emocionando cada vez mais. Muito obrigada por criar esses personagens maravilhosos e essa história maravilhosa, obrigada por me fazer rir, chorar, amar e odiar, tudo em apenas algumas cenas. Obrigada Kri, por criar uma história tão emocinante, que faz com que eu me interesse e me importe tanto com o futuro dos personagens, mesmo sabendo que eles não existem de verdade. Está certo que não existem, tudo não passa de uma ficção, de uma ficção muito bem escrita. Mas uma ficção que nos prende, nos faz acreditar em anjos, demônios e lendas urbanas, nem que seja por quarenta minutos. Obrigada também, e talvez principalmente, pelo relacionamento dos dois irmãos, por me fazer amar aqueles dois garotos, por poder ver uma química perfeita na tela da televisão, por sorrir e chorar em diversas cenas. Obrigada mestre-gênio Kripke por me fazer mais feliz quando assisto seus garotos. :)
parabéns, e que todos seus desejos se realizem. o mestre merece.

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27 March 2009 @ 10:33 pm
Heey people!
thanks for the awesome commentaries. :)
Now I´ll post some icons that I made of Robert Hot Pattinson. HAHAHA.

{19} icons



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22 March 2009 @ 03:51 pm


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15 March 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Hi everyone.
wow, as I am without time to spend here, and the trend is being worst, unfortunately. So, yeasterday was a big day. First everything I watched Smallville and Supernatural new episodes, and I loved the both. Then I bought Eclipse! OMGOSH, Im so excited to read, and when I end, sure that I will not take a lot of time, I´ll post here my commentaries, okay?
Thanks for the awesome commentaries, really, you have no idea how they moved me. So, no more things about my stupid life. Now, I´ll post some arts that I did today of Nikki Reed, Taylor Hot Lautner and Kristen Stewart. on the streets of Vancouver. :)

{1-10} icons.
{11-14} headers.


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10 March 2009 @ 06:35 pm
[13] Allison Mack Icons.
[2] Erica Durance Icons.
[2] Jensen Ackles Icons.
[4] Kristin Kreuk Wallpapers|Headers.


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04 March 2009 @ 05:41 pm
[38]Twilight - Vanity Fair Icons

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